T5 lab now a PeerJ pre-print

Last fall our intern Jigyasa Arora and I developed a teaching module that uses experimental evolution and next-generation sequencing to teach lab skills and bioinformatics. It is based on Paul Hyman’s lab (Ashland University), which uses the evolution of resistance by the bacterium Escerichia coli to the T5 bacteriophage to explore tha nature of coevolution and resistance. We modified the lab to include a next-generation sequencing and analysis component, which works spectacularly well. The teaching module and ssociated materials are now available as a PeerJ preprint. Reviewers requested that we provide a teaching assessment for this module to pass muster as a peer-reviewed teaching tool, so I hope carry out such an assessment with this fall’s batch of students.

If you want to give this lab a try in your own class, don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.