Online Resources

Data reproducibility and free availability is deeply important to us and we aspire that most of our work becomes accessible in complement to publications. As a result, we are using a variety of available interactive tools to make our scripts available using R Markdown through repositories such as GitHub, Dryad and our -omics produced datasets available using NCBI but also the Japanese DDBJ platform.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of some these available resources from published or unpublished work:

Honey bee and parasite/pathogens evolution

Varroa mites reference genomes

V. destructor reference genome available on NCBI here

V. jacobsoni reference genome available on NCBI here

World distribution of Varroa mites haplogroup

This work is part of the preprint Varroa review. The aim of this map is to keep complete these maps with novel records over time on the invasion progress of Varroa mites worldwide. Do not hesitate to raise your voice if you would like to participate, correct or suggest any modificiations.

World distribution maps are available here

Status of the World Varroa mite collection

Since 2016, we have gathered preserved specimens of Varroa mites thanks to collaborators and beekeepers all over the world. The genomes of these samples will be or are being sequenced to retrace the invasion pathways and understand the evolution of Varroa mites on their new hosts following host switch and global spread.

World distribution of samples in the collection are available here

Snake Venom Evolution

Online supplemental information including code, data, original figures, and additional analysis with 25 toxin classes from Agneesh Barua’s paper, (PhD student).

Many options supplementary available here