We host the protocols as Google Docs, so you see the most up to date version, the same one we are using. Please let if you find any errors, or have suggestions on how we can improve the protocols below please email us.

Laboratory protocols

DNA extraction

DNA extraction using silica magnetic beads

  • Easily automatable procedure for DNA extraction.

High molecular weight DNA extraction

  • Useful for large-insert libraries for de novo genome sequencing.

Sequencing library preparation

EcoRI RAD-tag using degraded DNA (v 1.0)

Genomic shotgun sequencing using degraded DNA

Version 2 PCR free genomic shotgun sequencing using degraded DNA

RNA-seq library preparation from total RNA

FASSST ddRAD tag library preparation

General protocols

Gel-free size selection and purification of library

  • Useful for processing large numbers of samples at once.

    Picogreen assay

  • Most accurate measure of overall dsDNA concentration.