Congratulations, Dr. Emborski!

Carmen has joined our lab five years ago, as a student from the Department of Toxicology at Texas Tech. Working in isolation, and as the first two Ph.D. students in the lab, she developed her own research program, which was quite a bit different from my own expertise, and managed to complete highly sophisticated experiments, while picking up skills in statistical analysis in R, metabolomics and next-generation sequencing of microbes along the way. Her work ethic and organization are an inspiration to me, and a model for other scientists. Despite the difficulties of moving from Japan to the US and back again during her Ph.D., and starting a family, Carmen pushed ahead with the writing and analysis bringing it all to a successful conclusion today. I had the great pleasure of seeing her on Skype, defending her work infront of the committee, which she did brilliantly. It has been my great pleasure to work with you during your Ph.D., and I look forward to your continued success.