Throwback: Agneesh pushes forward our understanding of snake venom evolution

Our team is incredibly proud to see that Agneesh’s passion for evolution has pushed forward the frontiers of knowledge on Snake venom evolutionary rates. His tenacious investigation into the gene expression data from 52 venomous snake species is available since late April 2020 in Proceedings of the Royal Society B with stunning graphics.

Agneesh explaining his new results to Nurit in OIST EcoEvo lab

If you haven’t got the chance to read his work, we invite you to read the very nice summary on PNAS blog post written by Amy McDermott. Also for the more curious, Agneesh is part of the lab initiative to make science more reproducible and always include interactive codes, so check it out here!

We surely will looking out for what Agneesh will craft next from his venom extracts data!