3rd Nerd Nite Okinawa: Zombie ants!

Rob and Solenopsis spp. *fire ant* (C) Robert Campbell

If you are in Okinawa and interested in a relaxing and fun way to hear about scientific research while drinking beer or cocktails with friends and colleagues, come to Nerd Nite Okinawa! And guess what? The 3rd edition coming next Friday 7th December will feature our own Ph.D student Rob Campbell who will talk about Zombie Ants :ant:

Here is a short spooky summary: “The Walking Dead meets Michael Crichton’s novel Prey – these aren’t reanimated corpses or nanotech machines but real living parasites with the power to mind-control their hosts. No insect is safe– or are they? What are these parasites and how do they take control? They already walk among us, hidden in plain sight; can we see what’s going on inside their hosts?””

Don’t miss out the opportunity to see this excellent talk, learn about the mysterious phorid fly and chat with Rob!

Thanks to Margaret Brisbin’s amazing organizating, the Nerd Nite initiative in Okinawa has been greatly appreciated by a wide audience since its 1st edition in October! You may have seen our first time participating with a talk on bees and the terrible Varroa mite, followed by curious questions and nice exchanges. Don’t hesitate to become a volunteer speaker or follow the event @nerdniteoki

1st edition Nerd Nite Okinawa